AoT FP 1.07

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AoT FP 1.07

Post by XpT_Nakamura on Sat Sep 15, 2012 6:40 am

This is the version for official voobly implementation.

Download :

The exact changes are here

Global changes (these affect all gametypes)

General :

Tower build limit decreased from 20 to 12
crennelation now gives +100% bonus damage vs. turma
Caravan build limit set to 40 (there was no limit)
Increased all wall build times by 33%
Reduced all wall repair speeds to 33%


Increased Bellerophon recharge time from 5 seconds to 10 seconds
Decreased colossus hitpoints from 1100 to 800, favor cost increased from 25 to 30
Bolt no longer works on ulfsarks
Zeus' hoplites do only +75% damage against buildings, rather than +100%
Reduced underworld repair rate to 10%


Mercenaries (both): lifespan reduced from 40seconds to 20 seconds
Catapult population increased from 3 to 4
Pharaoh range reduced from 4 to 3 in archaic age
priest attack decreased by 1/3, myth multiplier increased by 1/3 (and an additional x1 multiplier per age to compensate for less armoury upgrade bonus)
Roc hack armor decreased from 30% to 10%, hitpoints decreased from 350 to 300


Increased ballista crush damage from 4 to 6
Increased ram hack armor from 5% to 15%
Flaming weapons effect on ragnarok heroes reduced from +100% to +50%
Fenris wolves returned to AoM strength (+20% pack bonus instead of +15%)
Axe of muspell is now available in classical age, instead of heroic age


Archers no longer receive automatic medium archer upgrade
Fire Siphon population cost decreased from 5 to 4, range increased from 12 to 15, minimum range removed
Oranos shockwave uses decreased to 2
All hero favor costs decreased from 3 to 2
Mirror tower limit decreased from 10 to 6
Citizen wood gather rate decreased from 2.56 to 2.3
Carpenters and Quarry upgrade effect on cizitens and citizen heroes increased by 5%
Flood control upgrade effect on citizens and citizen heroes increased by 10%

Deathmatch changes :

Overall Deathmatch changes :

Reduced all wall hitpoints by 400, except for norse

Disabled titans and wonders in deathmatch

All favor trickle rates made equal with norse's (0.05/s) in deathmatch

All siege ship ranges reduced from 30 to 24 and all siege ship population costs increased from 3 to 5.

Hunt gathering rates improved by 25% in deathmatch.

New god bonuses in DM / single god -changes :

DM Gaia :

Citizen and citizen hero building repair rate increased by 10%

Arcus base damage increased from 6 to 7

DM Poseidon :

Cavalry receives an additional 10% hitpoints and attack

DM Odin :

Jarls recieve an additional 10% hitpoints

Hill fort hitpoints increased from 1900 to 2000, base damage increased from 10 to 12

1hp/s persistent regeneration added to all non-myth military units.

DM Set :

Now all Set animals cost 1 population, and 50% less favor

Priests get +1 base damage

DM Civilisation changes :

Overall DM atlantean changes :


Citizen town center build rate reduced from 90% (of full) to 75%, citizen hero town center build rate reduced from 90% to 80%

Heka gigantes hack armor increased to 50%, pierce armor increased to 60% in deathmatch

Lampades ranged and special attack maximum range increased to 15 in deathmatch

Behemoth population cost decreased from 5 to 4

Caladria hitpoints increased from 125 to 250

Fire siphon deals an additional 10 pierce attack

Atlantean citizen and citizen hero farm gathering rates increased by 15% and 30% respectively

Increased contarius pierce armor by 10%

Atlantean Town center hitpoints improved from 3640 to 4200

Atlantean Town center favor generation improved from 0.09/s to 0.1/s

Lance of stone(Theia) will give contarius heroes +80% damage against buildings instead of +100%

Volcanic forge (leto) will give all human units +6% pierce armor

eyes of atlas (atlas) will give +10% speed for myth units

Asper blood (hekate) will give lampades an area damage of 75 on death (instead of 25)

Safe passage (oranos) will reduce sky passage build time by 40%, and there will be no minimal range

Focus (Kronos) will reduce oracle train time by 50%

Citizen gather rate from Gaia trees increased by 20%

Channels(Gaia) will apply to caravans as well (+20% speed)

Overall DM greek changes :

Increased the favor gathering rate bonus on villagers from +20% to +25%

Increased villager build rate on town centers from 50% rate (of full) to 55%

Heleopolis hitpoints decreased from 650 to 600

Increased Hetairoi base hitpoints from 110 to 130

Increased Atalanta's base hack attack from 8 to 9

Increased the speed of Polyphemus from 3.5 to 4, increased gore attack base damage from 60 to 100.

Polyphemus special attack recharge time decreased from 18s to 10, Increased base hack attack from 15 to 17.

Bachannalia (Dionysus) will provide a +10% hitpoint boost for heroes, and +5% for all other units

Golden apples (Aphrodite) will provide +20% favor rate instead of +15%

Monstrous rage (Hera) will add +5% hipoints to myth units

Overall DM norse changes :

Norse Hersir Town center build rate increased from 50%(of total) to 65%

Ballista hitpoints increased from 85 to 105

Fire giant crush damage increased from 5 to 10 in deathmatch.

Mountain giant pierce armor increased from 40% to 60%, crush damage increased from 25 to 30.

Walking woods tree hitpoints increased from 300 to 550, hack damage increased from 8 to 20.

Nidhogg hitpoints increased from 2000 to 2500, hack and crush damage increased from 40 each to 50 each

huntress axe (skadi) will give +10% hitpoints for throwing axemen

Safeguard(Heimdall) : tower attack increased by 40%

Overall DM egyptian changes :

Mercenary infantry hack damage reduced by 3, train limit changed from 10 to 12.

Mercenary cavalry hitpoints reduced by 47, train limit changed from 10 to 8.

Phoenix speed increased from 3.6 to 4, favor cost decreased from 30 to 25, hitpoints increased from 400 to 500, population cost decreased from 5 to 4, bonus damage of 15% given vs buildings and +100% vs myth units

Scarab population cost decreased from 5 to 3.

Vadjet hitpoints increased from 260 to 300, regeneration rate increased from 1/s to 2/s, damage increased from 16 to 20.

Avenger hitpoints increased from 600 to 800, favor cost decreased from 30 to 25, damage increased from 28 to 35, special attack damage increased from 25 to 40.

Medjay(Hathor) will give mercenaries +10 second lifespan instead of +30.
Serpent spear (Anubis) will provide +20% hitpoints for spearman in addition to the attack boost

Necropolis(Anubis) will provide +15% favor rate instead of +10%

Funeral rites (Nephtys) will provide +10% hitpoints for priests

Axe of vengeance (Horus) will provide +20% hack damage to axemen in addition to the boost vs buildings


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